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Running for Rare Fundraising Tips

  1. Start Early! Start fundraising as soon as you start training for your marathon. The sooner you begin, the better!
  2. Be the first contributor. There is no better way to jump-start your fundraising than making the first contribution yourself. 
  3.  Just ask. The easiest and fastest way to raise money is to ask friends, family and colleagues. Write a fundraising letter explaining what you’re doing and email it to your network. 
  4.  Share the “why.” Use your fundraising page as a place to tell potential donors why the cause is meaningful to you and explain how their donation will make a difference. 
  5. Running4Rare® Get Social Post your fundraising link on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get your message out. Share articles or videos about the cause or organization so potential donors know where their money will go. 
  6.  Get matching donations. Encourage supporters to explore their employer’s matching gift programs. Ask your company to match what you raise to double the effort. 
  7. Utilize fundraiser-friendly chains. Sometimes the easiest fundraisers for charities are ones that compel community members to buy something that they are already buying, like food! Check out our list of the top restaurant fundraisers for non-profits.
  8.  Don’t forget to say “thank you.” Remember to always acknowledge all of your donors and thank them for their generosity. 

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